Neck Rejuvenation

The tightest, smoothest, most youthful looking face can be easily thrown off by a neck that is not equally as smooth and tight. As we age, our faces, chests, hands, necks and other areas of our bodies begin to show our age. Usually this happens in the form of sagging skin, loss of volume and – here in Fort Lauderdale – areas of sun damage.

Lasers have been known to be effective in the tightening of skin for years. As improvements have been made to the deep dermal heating, treatments have become more effective at achieving and maintaining the results for longer and longer times. As you can see, being on the forefront of new technology is important to us for the best possible results for our patients.

Our laser technology combines bi-polar radio frequencies and laser light technology to bring you powerful, safe and effective treatments. VIP Aesthetics understands that loss of elasticity and sagging skin are not the only signs of aging our necks show- and do our laser neck rejuvenation also treats poor texture, dark spots, wrinkles and more!

Find out yourself why the neck rejuvenation we offer here at VIP Aesthetics is the best choice for your aging neck skin. We offer a free aesthetic consultation so that we can discuss your concerns with you and share the myriad of available treatment options we have to keep you looking happy, healthy and youthful!

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