Hand Rejuvenation

As we age, we expect wrinkling and sagging in our faces and many of us will go out of our way to protect and prevent these signs of age for as long as we can. Interestingly, though, another area of our body can show signs of age just as dramatically – our hands. Withered, veiny, spotted and sun damaged hands can reveal your age even when your face is flawless. This is especially true here in sun-drenched Fort Lauderdale, where our exposure to the sun is nearly constant and so few people think to use sun block on their hands.

Here at VIP Aesthetics, we offer an ideal way to improve the tone, texture and overall appearance of your hands! Our laser hand rejuvenation is appropriate for either men or women who are looking for a simple and painless way to address age spots, sun damage, protruding veins, thin and sagging skin, lost volume and other signs of age.

Several treatment options are available, and Dr. Cosentino along with the staff here at VIP Aesthetics will assess your individual needs and come up with a treatment plan that is appropriate for you and your needs.

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