Decolletage Rejuvenation

Our faces aren’t the only areas of our bodies that show signs of age and damage. Your chest shows age just as much as your face does. VIP Aesthetics understands the ways that age and our unrelenting Fort Lauderdale sun can alter the appearance of the décolletage.

Our laser décolletage rejuvenation treatment is aimed at  not only rejuvenating the areas we treat, but in blending those areas seamlessly into the surrounding skin to make sure you don’t have that severe “I’ve had work done” look. We treat sun spots, sagging skin, vascular lesions and more using the cutting edge elōs technology, which combines bi-polar radio frequency with laser light energy. This technology allows us to painlessly tone, tighten and even out skin effectively and safely, even for patients who were unable to seek treatment in the past.

While some patients will begin to see improvement after just one treatment, it normally takes a series of at least five treatments to see the full effect of what elōs can do for you. Each of our patients is a unique individual case, and Dr. Cosentino along with the rest of the treatment staff here will determine the most effective course of treatment for your individual needs.

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