Sclerotherapy Training

Sclerotherapy Training

Sclerotherapy Training

Sclerotherapy training courses are open to medically qualified practitioners including many nurses, as well as general practitioners, dermatologists, and surgeons using this treatment.

Manufacturers do not recommend that beauticians or any other person outside the medical profession perform sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy training covers the technique of injecting thread veins which will destroy the vein over a period of a few weeks.

Once sclerotherapy training is completed and you are qualified you will eligible to perform the treatment.


The course covers all elements of identifying and treating thread veins with sclerotherapy including;

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Veins
  • Vessel Classification
  • Sclerosing Agents
  • Patient Examination and Suitability for treatment
  • Contraindications
  • Consultation and expected Results
  • Injection technique/practical
  • Complications
  • Post treatment management
  • Compression

The training day itself starts with a theory session in the morning, allowing attendees to discuss their pre-course reading in depth and raise any questions they may have with our teacher. Upon completion of the theory session, we will demonstrate a sclerotherapy treatment on a model. The afternoon sessions gives each delegate the opportunity to carry out a sclerotherapy treatment on a model and to observe their fellow delegates treating models also. They are closely guided and supervised by our Educator during the practical portion of the day.